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Errors and Flaws in Stamps

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Errors and Flaws in Stamps

This website has a category devoted to the errors and flaws found in stamps from around the world, however the focus is on New Zealand Stamps of which there are a large number that fill this category. Each and every stamp listed on this site is for sale, unless otherwise specified, such as stamps which have been sold but remain as a research item only.

Stamps that have consistent and unintentional deviation from the intended design are normally considered as errors. Errors can occur during the design and/or printing processes.

Flaws or Freaks as they are sometimes called include paper folds, printing on the back of stamps, double perforations, and such like usually occur during the printing process.

Some commentators list a third category that is simply called “A Variety” where one stamp in the sheet differs from the others, however such a defect or imperfection can be considered a flaw. That is an imperfection that has occurred because of a printing problem.

Errors and flaws can generally be described under the following:

· Albino - complete absence of one or more colours

· Colour shifts - stamp sheets are misaligned within the colour application

· Under inked or over inked - too little or too much ink printed on the stamp

· Offsets - the ink intended to one stamp sheet is deposited to another sheet of stamp

· Fold overs - corners of a sheet is folded over or under

· Unprinted areas - this is caused by foreign material embedded on sheet to be printed